Pecan grower resource

Pecan Grower Resource

Pecan Orchards

Millican Pecan Company is an excellent source for pecan lovers as well as pecan growers. For the avid pecan user, our blog includes information on growing pecans, pecan recipes and other valuable information and facts about fresh pecans, like pecans halves and chopped pecan pieces.

Pecan Grower Resource

We have added topics that are helpful for people who are unfamiliar with pecans, as well as a refresher for pecan experts. Many of the pecan-related topics are actual questions we receive via email and from phone calls. As a vertically integrated company, Millican Pecan has knowledge from nursery production, growing and harvesting pecans, shelling, business-to-business sales and direct customer sales. Since every year is different, follow us to stay up-to-date on the latest pecan equipment, news, and crop conditions across the pecan belt.  We are your one stop shop for all things pecans.

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