how much do pecans shell for?

How much do Pecans sell for?

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How much do Pecans sell for?

There are many types of tree nuts in the world but there are two types of pecans in the United States – native pecans and improved "papershell" pecans.  The United States pecan crop harvest season starts around Oct 1 and can last until March. Pecans are then being sold beginning of October till the end of March. Most farmers choose to sell them either in-shell or shelled. In 2015, 54 million pounds of in-shell and 210 million pounds of shelled pecans were sold with Georgia taking the lead in by producing 76 million pounds of pecans.

How Much are Pecans Priced at?

According to Agriculture Marketing Resource Center (, the average wholesale price of pecans was $1.96 per pound in 2014. In January 2020, shelled pecans are priced at $5.56 per pound whereas in-shell pecans are priced at 2.08 per pound (

Why are Pecans Increasing in Money Value?

It all stems down to supply and demand. For example, droughts and heavy rainfall in Texas last year could be an environmental factor that affects the supply of Pecans. According to The Dallas Morning News, one farmer reported that the “extremely dry summer” and “rainier-than-average rainfall” affected 30,000 trees on his farm where half of them were pecan trees.

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