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Millican Cinnamon Pecans
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Bulk Cinnamon Pecan for sale!  (Cinnamon Flavored Pecan Nuts)

Looking to buy bulk cinnamon pecans already flavored? We have orchard fresh, cinnamon flavored pecans for sale! Order your cinnamon pecan nuts in bulk here and grab some of our premium fresh flavorful fancy Texas cinnamon pecans. These nuts are fresh from our pecan trees in our orchards. There are a lot of companies, including most grocery stores, selling grade 2 pecans that were harvested several years ago, but our raw pecans are harvested this pecan season, providing you with Fresh Grade 1 Pecans.

■ Gluten Free

We welcome wholesale pecan customers. Ask us for a pecan wholesale price list today!

Why San Saba, Texas Pecans?

San Saba, Texas is the "Pecan Capital of the World"!  Our fresh Texas pecans are shipped in a variety of bulk sizes. Buy pecans in bulk from Millican Pecan, probably the oldest commercial pecan orchard in the United States, serving customers since 1888! Just select your pecans above and buy our world famous Texas cinnamon pecans today!

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