Free Pecans at Your Doorstep

Pecan Orchards
Grow Your Own Pecan Tree  Have you ever dreamed of going into your backyard and picking a fresh pecan off the tree? Yes, it sounds idyllic, but in ...

How Many Different Types of Pecans are There?

Pecan Orchards
We love to help educate people on the various pecan options that are available. Asking about an overview of different types of pecans is a great question and one that is best explained with a combination of pictures and words. So here you go!

Our Family Pecan Orchards are Right Where I Want to Be

Pecan Orchards
Most of the time you will read about pecan orchards and you can tell that the minds that formulated the words came from a man. Of course, I love to...

Meet the Author

Hi! My name is Kristen Millican and I am so glad you have stopped by! Our family has been harvesting and selling pecans since 1888. I love sharing my favorite recipes, stories about life on our pecan farm and so much more!