Proper Pecan Storage Extends Their Shelf Life

Pecan Orchards
Pecans if stored properly can retain their fresh condition for a long period. A good quality pecan should have an oil percentage of about 73-75, carb percentage of 12-15, proteins percentage of 9-10 and water 3-4%. Pecans should be stored in relative humidity of about 65-70%. Humidity higher than these values can cause the pecans to become soft and grow molds. The cause of the physical appearance of pecans is likely due to a fungal infection called pecan scrab. It infects both the leaves and the protective shell, especially when they are young and growing.

What Nuts Are Good For Squirrels

Pecan Orchards
What Types of Nuts do Squirrels Eat What nuts are good for squirrels? Squirrels love nuts, whether they are in the treat tray or the wild, shelled ...

What do you feed a baby squirrel?

Pecan Orchards
Spotting squirrels roaming the public parks and neighborhood trees are not unique to any single region. No matter what state you live in, it is eas...

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