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Pecan Fundraisers for Schools, Churches, or Organizations

Welcome to the Millican Pecan fundraiser. Our unique pecan fundraiser is easy for all ages and all types of organizations. The fresh pecan fundraiser is a popular option during the fall months because most people are looking for pecan halves and pecan pieces for their holiday baking. Our pecans are not only delicious, but they are also nutritious. They help lower your cholesterol and have oleic oil, which is the same oil as olive oil. For more nutritional information read (more)


For groups with a sweet side we suggest trying our candy pecan fundraiser. This fundraiser includes a color printed brochure of our nine top selling products and a sales packet for each participant, so that you can take your sales experience door-to-door. Our candies are made from quality, Texas-grown pecans and are handmade in our kitchen year round.


Millican Pecan Company has been featured in Southern Living Magazine, Bon Apettit and seen by millions on the Food Network. Our notoriety provides product recognition and confidence not found with most fundraising products. Let our success be part of your success!  (more) 


Combining Quality, Selection, Nutrition, Fresh Flavor and Public Awareness, Millican Pecan Company establishes the highest value for your fundraising efforts. Value means profit for your organization or business and significant satisfaction for your customer. 


Millican Pecan Company desires to be the source for your fundraising success, please contact us at 866-484-6358, or email Sales{at}MillicanPecan{dot}com.  We have lots of ideas to help your school, church, or organization successfully raise money for your cause.

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