Millican Pecan Chocolate Pecan Butter Cups
Millican Pecan Butter Cups
Chocolate Pecan Butter Cups - Case of 5
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Made using our creamy pecan butter and milk, white and dark chocolate, you’ll be left wondering how so much deliciousness could be packed into one chocolate butter cup. This is one of our favorite products and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 

3-Chocolate: 4 Milk Chocolate + 4 White Chocolate +4  Dark Chocolate; or...

- One box of twelve (12) classic chocolate PECAN butter cups

- New decorative boxes are easy to share or gift

- Have a peanut allergy? No problem, we only process pecans!

- A gluten-free candy product

- Box: 10' x 6.5" x 1.25"

- Pecan Butter Cups: approx. 1.5" diameter and .8 to .9 oz. each

Savor each decadent bite of creamy pecan butter surrounded by a coat of smooth milk, white, or dark chocolate! The perfect snack for home or office!  Here is a great alternative to the classic chocolate and peanut butter flavor. Try these MILLICAN pecan butter cups, the shareable way to enjoy chocolate and pecan butter combinations; milk chocolate/dark chocolate/white chocolate and pecan butter. The beautiful gift box makes these nut butter cups a favorite for Easter, birthdays, a thank you, and holidays. This chocolate party snack is ideal for leaving out at party gatherings. Try adding these chocolate butter cups to cookie recipes for extra sweetness, too. Half of the pecan butter cups are beautifully adorned with pecan halves.

■ Gluten Free

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