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Pecan Shells for Sale - Pecan Shells for Smoking Meat


Thinking of that weekend BBQ and looking to buy pecan shells for sale? See for yourself what great barbecue pit masters and meat smokers everywhere are raving about! Simply soak the pecan shells in water before adding them to your firebox or smoker. Adds a hint of Hickory (which is in the pecan tree family) to your bar-b-que. Our prestigious customers return to purchase our pecan shells to fuel their fire! Here is the guarantee: if you cook your meat with our pecan shells for smoking and you're not satisfied, bring us the meat and we'll eat it! Larger quantities (800 pound super sacks) are available upon request with LTL shipping.


Pecans for Barbecue

Transform your BBQ experience with pecan shell smoking. This time-tested method imparts a unique and delicious smoky flavor to your grilling. Pecan shells add a subtle nutty richness, elevating your barbecue to a new level. Whether you're a seasoned pitmaster or a backyard griller, pecan shell smoking is a favorite. Try it on ribs, brisket, or poultry for a delectable twist to your dishes. Discover the world of BBQ smoking with pecan shells and enjoy a distinctive, flavor-packed outdoor cooking adventure.

Also a great fertilizer for planters and gardens.  Pecan shells are full of nutrients for plant life.

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