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Buy Pecan Halves and Chopped Pecan Pieces

Discover the perfect combination of convenience and quality with our 1 lb bag of both pecan halves and chopped pieces. With this versatile mix, you can easily add the delicious taste and health benefits of pecans to your meals and snacks. Expertly curated for your enjoyment.

This is the perfect combination whether baking pies or just having delicious, nutritious pecans around the house for snacking! Fresh from our orchard, it doesn't get any better than this.  We harvest, we shell, we package!  No middleman  You are buying straight from the orchard and from a family with 5-generations of experience... since 1888!

These are fresh Grade 1 Pecans from this season!

Our Pecans have a delicious nutty flavor to bring your favorite recipes to life. There are a lot of companies selling grade 2 pecans that were harvested several years ago, but our pecans are harvested this season, providing you with Fresh Grade 1 Pecans.

If you find yourself being pulled to whip up your favorite dish or to experiment with new ones, then this halves and chopped pecan pieces combo is for you. If you can't decide between halves or chopped pecan pieces, look no further.  Order your delicious orchard fresh pecans today and save with this two pack!

We are your source for pecans!

We supply bakeries, restaurants, and food chains nationwide.

- Sugar Free

- Gluten Free

- No Salt

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