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Buy Healthy Pecan Oil for Sale (250ml jar)

Heart conscious consumers rave about our pure Pecan Oil. Pecan oil is a super healthy cooking oil.  Pecan oil nutritional benefits:

Saturated Fat Table:

Pecan Oil 8.0%
Olive Oil 13.5%
Corn Oil 13.7%
Peanut Oil 17.0%
Butter 66.0%


All of these nutritional factors combine to form the most heart-healthy oil available, while maintaining the flavor, color, and quality that you demand. Our pecan nut oil, along with our pecan meal flour, are perfect for cooking and for salad dressings.

Here are some other top benefits to pecan oil:

1) High smoke point:  470゜F

2) It is light and doesn't overpower the food & seasoning.

3) It absorbs the flavors of seasonings

4) It is all natural with no additives or preservatives

5) It enhances the flavor of the food

Order your pecan oil today!

250 ml

- Sugar Free

- Gluten Free

- No Salt

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