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Looking to order Macaw Parrot Food Grade pecans? Buy Texas in shell & cracked pecan nuts for Macaws!


Trying to find the right pecan nuts to feed your little Macaw parrot friends?  Look no further.  We have pecans for Macaw parrots!  Millican Pecan sells fresh in shell Macaw parrot food grade pecans in bulk at the right price.  Available in 30 lb boxes.

Great Macaw Food or Parrot Treats!

These are fresh Texas pecans in the shell.  The pecans generally yield about 50% meat and 50% shell.

Macaw Parrot Food Grade denotes that some pecans may be cracked, they typically run darker in color, and they may represent multiple pecan varieties.

Pecans hold a special place in the world of bird feed, including macaw food in bulk. Their rich flavor and high nutritional value make them a favored addition to many birdseed mixes, offering a wholesome treat for our feathered friends. Macaws, with their vibrant personalities and big appetites, particularly relish pecans. When included in bulk macaw food, pecans provide essential nutrients, healthy fats, and an enjoyable texture for these intelligent and playful birds. So, whether you're a bird enthusiast or a devoted macaw owner, providing pecans as part of your bulk food mix is a delightful way to keep your feathered companions happy and nourished.

■ Gluten Free

Millican Pecan is located in San Saba, Texas, known throughout North America as "The Pecan Capital of the World".  If you wish to feed healthy pecans to Macaw parrots or any wildlife, you can trust Millican Pecan to deliver.  We have a tradition of satisfied customers since 1888; five generations!

Order bulk pecans from America's Pecan Orchard - Our Orchard is World Famous!


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