Pawnee Papershell Pecans

The History of Papershell Pecans: A Nut-Cracking New Idea from San Saba, Texas

Pecan Orchards

San Saba is a small town in the middle of Texas that is famous for its pecans, its past, and its beautiful scenery. One story that stands out in San Saba's memory is the story of EE Risien and the Papershell Pecans, which were a big step forward in food technology. 

Papershell Pecan Pioneer EE Risien

Papershell Pecans Put San Saba On The Map

A visionary and pecan fanatic, EE Risien didn't set out in the late 1800s to change the pecan business in a big way. He was on his way to get rich in California.  Born in Deal, Kent, England, he struck out on adventure before he ran out of money in San Saba by way of Galveston.  Once here, he discovered how hard it was for pecan lovers to crack and shell these tasty but notoriously tough native nuts.  These original native pecan nuts were small and hard to crack.  Risien worked hard to create a pecan type with a thin shell that could be easily cracked and shelled by hand so that more people could enjoy them.

Papershell Pecan Halves

Risien finally made a breakthrough after years of careful crossbreeding, testing, and patience: he was able to breed a pecan tree that produced nuts with amazingly thin shells. Everyone who tried these nuts fell in love with them. Not only were they easy to crack, but they also had a delicious flavor that made everyone happy. 

Risien wasn't content with just making a new kind of pecan; he also came up with the name "Papershell Pecans" to describe them. The name perfectly captured what these nuts were like: they had thin shells that were fragile and easy to crack, like paper.

Original Papershell Pecan Orchard by Risien

There was a big change in the pecan industry when papershell pecans were introduced. They put San Saba at the top of pecan farming and cemented its status as the "Pecan Capital of the World." As word of Risien's invention spread, pecan lovers from all over the world rushed to San Saba to get their hands on these highly sought-after nuts from Risien Pecan Nursery. This started a pecan craze that is still going strong today.

Papershell Pecan Have Nutritional Value

Papershell pecans taste great and are good for you, but their thin shells aren't the only thing that makes them unique. There are many important nutrients in these nuts, such as healthy fats, protein, fiber, and many vitamins and minerals. As a snack on their own, in recipes, or as a topping for desserts and salads, papershell pecans are a healthy and adaptable food that can be added to any diet.

Inshell Papershell Pecans

But EE Risien's sense of innovation and persistence may be the most lasting thing that Papershell Pecans left behind. He was always trying to get better at what he did, and that dedication has been an inspiration to generations of pecan farmers and fans. People who keep the torch of innovation alive remember Risien not only in the pecan groves of San Saba but also in their hearts and thoughts.

The practice of growing papershell pecans in San Saba is still going strong today. In the orchards where Risien's groundbreaking trials took place, pecan trees have grown for generations, each bearing the fruit of his work. People who go to San Saba can see the history of papershell pecans for themselves by visiting orchards and tasting nuts that have just been picked. They can also learn about the tradition and history that make these nuts so special.

Risien Papershell Pecan Historical Marker

There is a world that values and celebrates new ideas. Papershell pecans are a great example of what can be done with desire, hard work, and a bit of Texas creativity. As we enjoy the crunchy, buttery goodness of these amazing nuts, let's take a moment to think about the amazing journey that took them from simple beginnings to fame around the world. It all started with a dream and a vision in San Saba, Texas.

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