How Much Does a Bag of Pecans Cost?

How Much Does a Bag of Pecans Cost?

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The United States is the largest pecan producing and selling nation in the world. The US produces pecans commercially in fifteen of its states, including Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansan, Arizona, and Florida. All the pecan varieties root from the native US pecans which wildly grew in North America for millions of years. Pecan growers in the US use natural non-GMO methods for cultivation to ensure a consistent and superior quality of the pecans.

The Average Cost of a Bag of Pecans in the US

In general, the hard shell pecans cost $6.99 per pound, and the pecans with a paper shell cost $7.49 per pound. Pecans without shells from a pecan farm can cost you nearly $13.99 per pound. However, this is an average price of the raw pecans and the prices of pecans vary in different states and different pecan farms and selling companies.

The Cost of High-grade Pecans

The prices also vary in the quality of the pecans. Some pecan companies and wholesalers sell grade 2 pecan which were harvested years ago. The fresh pecans cost a bit more, but are wholesome and of high quality. Companies like Millican Pecan harvest high-grade San Saba pecans. Along with fresh and raw pecans, they offer other pecan products too. From chocolate coated pecans to cappuccino pecans and pecan pie, Millican Pecan offers plenty of pecan treats for you to choose from.

The 3-pound bag of freshly cracked pecans from Millican Pecan costs $19.99. Fresh shelled pecans of 1 pound cost $14.99. The chopped pecan pieces are available for $12.99 per pound. Buying chopped pecan pieces is convenient to use when you have to make pecan pies, pralines or any other treats with pecans. You can also get the pecan halves in a 4 ounce bag for only $8.99. The best of San Saba pecans are available at a reasonable price range which is very close to the average cost of pecans in the US.

The Cost of Premium Pecan Products

The premium pecan products by Millican Pecan are freshly harvested pecans at their best. There are varieties of pecan products you can find. There are plenty of types of flavored pecans to choose from. Cinnamon candied pecans, Salted and roasted pecans, hot and spicy, sweet and spicy in a 12 ounce bag are available on sale for only $12.99. Cinnamon pecans in a 4-ounce burlap bag are available for only $6.99.

Praline or candy lovers with a real sweet tooth can get Honey Roasted Pecans and Plantation Praline Pecans for $12.99 each in a 12 ounce bag.

The cost of pecans depends upon the manufacturers, crop quality, and the state in which they are harvested. The high-grade and fresh pecans cost more than the 2nd-grade pecans but are available within a reasonable price range. Millican Pecan offers the best grade 1 Texas pecans and related pecan products. There are a variety of fresh, shelled, flavored and pecan treats at a great price with great taste.

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