1967 Texas Pecan  Board of Directors

1967 Texas Pecan Growers Directors

Pecan Research

President Vice President Secretary-treasurer
Fred R. Brison Dallas Telford J. Benton Storey
602 S. Dexter P. O. Box 1045 Drawer CC
College Station, Texas  DeKalb, Texas College Station, Texas


District I District 2   District 3
Tabb Harrell Warren Wells B. B. Freeman
Austin, Texas Arlington, Texas Ranger, Texas
Charles Kothmann, Jr. Felix W. Callahan Larry Womack
Menard, Texas Denton, Texas De Leon, Texas

District 4 At-Large
Raymond F. Davis John B. Harris
Seguin, Texas Hamilton, Texas
Gilbert T. Heidemann James E. Anthony
Cuero, Texas Fort Worth, Texas


Standing, left to right, Tabb Harrell, Charles Kothmann, Jr., Felix W.
Callahan, Larry Womack, B. B. Freeman and Raymond F. Davis. Seated,
left to right, Dallas Telford, F. R. Brison and J. Benton Storey.

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