Pecan Research

Miss Veo Millican, Bend, Texas

The part assigned me at this Convention is the demonstration of Budding Pecans, to the junior part of the Convention.

First, it is to be remembered that I am in my"teens" and have been budding and grafting and top-working pecans under the direction of my father for the past six years, and my observation in this is to study the condition of tree and scion. We find that bud wood should be cut in February and placed in cold storage till the sap rises'in the spring ; the wood should be buried in warm wet sand till the bark slips readily.

I am showing the method using a string only. I have set hundreds
with wax and the same amount with wax cloth. Of those set this spring
without either wax or cloth, 95 percent have come out and are growing.
This method will work the same with any bud, even those set on current
year's growth.

By request of Mr. D. P. Moore I set this spring a sufficient number
to test out this idea. However, the pecan patch bud did not prove a success.

My experience is that the vitality of both scion and stock should be
'considered. With young, thrifty trees the top should not be cut back,
as the bud often times drowns, if cut too severely. As soon as the bud has
stuck and shows to be living, then cut back to force them out.

Should you ever pass by Bend, San Saba County, Texas, visit River
Bend Farm and see some of my work in this line.

[Editor's Note Several instances have been reported of successful
budding without the use of wax. Until more information is available, how-
ever, it will be best to follow the established practice of using wax or some
other method of sealing. ]

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