President's Address Texas Pecan Growers 1965-66

President's Address Texas Pecan Growers 1965-66

Pecan Research


JOHN B. HARRIS, native of Bryan, Texas, is a Hamilton County farmer, rancher, merchant and realtor, who demonstrate an active interest in Texas agriculture, civic affairs, higher education, land development and other worthy endeavors.

During his tenure as president of the Association, Mr. Harris worked diligently with other members to eliminate carry-overs of crops from past years and succeeded in strengthening the market and price structure for pecans. He helped to sponsor pecan shows, pushed for more pecan research and was active in many areas of interest to the pecan industry. He is a noted pecan propagator and has assisted numerous county agricultural agents in conducting educational demonstrations on pecan grafting and budding.

In July 1966, he was voted the West Texan of the Month by the West Texas Chamber of Commerce.

He is married to the former Miss Frances Jenkins, originally from Nashville, Tennessee, and they have two children---Leisa, age 7, and Jayson, age 5. Mr. and Mrs. Harris built and operate the "Hidden Valley Store," which is a showplace tor tourists and a favorite shopping center for local citizens. They sell original oil paintings and interesting wares. The store also is a mail order headquarters for pecan tools and supplies.

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