Can Pecans Be Eaten Raw

Can Pecans Be Eaten Raw?

Pecan Nutrition

Pecans are considered top-tier nuts. Mainly found in the Southern region of the US and Mexico, Pecans are famous for their rich, buttery, and sweet flavor. Though these nuts are all the rage for pecan pies and pecan pralines, you can eat them raw, too. Although pecans roasted, toasted or tossed into trail mix tastes great, consuming them raw gives you a rich and pure form. Want to enjoy pecans at hand? Buy pecans in shell and munch on them whenever you are craving a snack. The shell is thin and easily snaps when pressing between your fingers so you can enjoy them when at work or when binge-watching your favorite tv show.

Can Pecans Be Eaten Raw

When you eat pecans raw, you get the maximum health benefits. They contain high amounts of antioxidants among all types of nuts. Pecans are loaded with anti-inflammatory substances that fight off inflammation in your body. In fact, they provide your body with more oleic acid than olive oil. They contain 90% of unsaturated fats and are cholesterol-free. They also have a low sodium content. The high amount of unsaturated fats makes them very good for your heart and prevents the risk of stroke and coronary heart diseases.

Pecans have a nutrition profile of being one of the top healthiest nuts. Enjoying pecan pies and pralines during the festive holiday season is alright. But regularly consuming candied pralines or other desserts won’t do much good for you. All the sugar, syrup, and artificial flavors will not give you health benefits that fresh, wholesome pecans will. Instead, it will increase your sugar level that will do more damage to your health than good.

So enjoy shelled pecans on their own as they are the cleanest form. You can mix them with other nuts or even add them to your smoothies and salads.

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