Where do the best pecans come from

Where Do The Best Pecans Come From?

Pecan Orchards

With the demand for quality pecan growing every day, the need to know where the best pecans come from gets higher. Pecan which belongs to the hickory species, and can also be called Carya illinoinensis is a very enjoyable nut that can serve as a healthy snack and for a standard meal.

Shelled pecans are highly consumed in America, with America being one of the highest consumers of pecans in the world. The benefits that come with eating this nut cannot be overemphasized. It is very nutritional as it contains several vital vitamins and minerals that the body needs. Also, the pecan shell which some people refer to as the waste is also useful for several other purposes.

Where Do the Best Pecans Come From?

Regardless of the benefits for which one consumes this delicious nut, it is important to know that there are more quality pecans. Some pecans are of more quality than some others, and consuming the ones with high quality gives you a chance to enjoy the many benefits.

Generally, in terms of pecan production in America, Georgia, New Mexico and Texas are the highest producing states. They account for 75% of the total number of pecans produced in America.  But since we are after the quality of the pecan, the amount produced might not matter.  If you are looking for wholesale pecan prices, please click here.  

Read closely as we reveal to you the place where you can get the best pecan.

Are San Saba Pecans The Best?

Knowing that some pecans are more nutritious than the others might make you wonder where dо the best pecans come from. A knowledge of where to get good pecans can be very valuable, especially if you are very interested in the health benefits that comes with consuming pecans.  

In search of where you can get quality pecans? Then the right place to go is San Saba, Texas.  In the Pecan Capital of the World is where pecans are grown and processed in large quantities, and in terms of quality, you can be sure of getting it here.

San Saba is home to several pecan companies including Millican Pecan, Bagley's, Texcan and Oliver's.  Each has produced a lot of nutritious pecans in different ways. In fact this city is also known as the pecan capital of the world due to the level of quantity and quality of pecans that is produced here.  San Saba Pecans set the standard.

Regardless of the form you want your pecan to be in, San Saba, Texas is the perfect place to go in order to get quality pecans. Visit San Saba, Texas and enjoy the best pecan ever!

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