Strawberry salad with pecans and chicken in a bowl

Strawberry Salad with Pecans and Chicken

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I’m on a quest. A quest to eat more vegetables. I know. It’s not the most exciting mission of my life, but it is a good one. A healthy one. And I have to be honest that I am not interested in choking down my veggies. I really require that they taste good as well as providing me with the healthy nutrients that my body needs. After all, it’s my quest so I can make the rules. Strangely, I prefer salad over most other vegetable options. I don’t mind trying new things, but salad is my go-to vegetable option.

I have just the recipe I want to share with you. A salad with pecans…Strawberry Salad with Pecans and Chicken to be exact. This strawberry salad is fresh and simple for summer and it has a great mix of fruits as well. Yummm! I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do. If you are short on pecans no need to worry. Millican Pecan Co. is here to meet your pecan needs!

Strawberry Salad with Pecans and Chicken

1. Use a mixture of fresh spring lettuce.

2. Mix in 2 Cups of Strawberries, chopped.

3. Add 4 Cups of Grilled Chicken, cubed.

4. One Cup Blueberries, One Cup Pecans, 3 Tablespoons of fresh basil, and a few onions.

5. Add a few teaspoons of poppy seed dressing and toss.

You know, today I’m just really glad that as I eat this strawberry salad not only am I accomplishing my goal of eating more veggies. But I’m also getting to eat fruit. And not just any fruit, but berries to be exact. I love berries of all kinds and this salad has two. Strawberries AND Blueberries! Of course, the other thing I love is that I get to enjoy my favorite nut as well. This just might be my favorite salad of all times.

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