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Pecan Efforts to Save the Mother Earth

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Efforts to Save the Mother Earth

The year 2020 has been very unpredictable for people all around the world due to the pandemic. However, this year on April 22, many people across the globe celebrated the 50th Earth Day. Yes, the year 2020 has marked fifty years of celebrating Earth Day.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, people are celebrating this auspicious occasion. This shows that regardless of the crises we face, Earth Day is important to us. The day promotes environmental protection, something that every one of us should enforce in our own capacities. Here are some of the ways in which we see positive efforts to save the earth from the environmental crises.

Young Climate Activist against Climate Change

It’s likely that future generations will face the brunt of global warming’s worst effects. The youngsters realize this fact better than the world’s most influential and political leaders. Today’s generation is very passionate about doing everything within their capacity to improve the environment.

Young people are engaging in take-charge activism by the thousands to demand greater policy on climate change. Among hundreds of environmental activists, Greta Thunberg is the most prominent face of the youth climate strike movement.

Other than Greta Thunberg, several other activists are making every possible effort against climate change. They are using social media platforms and other means to smartly address and educate others about the problems of climate change.

Moreover, several young activists are coming up with innovative projects and products that can help reduce people’s everyday carbon footprint.

Increased use of Eco-Friendly Products

People are growing more aware of the impact of everyday products on the environment. While we still have a long way to go before banning unnecessary plastic products, we have made a good start towards sustainable living. From banning disposable plastic cutleries to buying bamboo toothbrushes, many people are embracing a sustainable lifestyle.

Composting at home is more common than ever. From reducing food trash to giving fertility to the soil, there are numerous benefits of composting. It is not just a great way to reduce trash, but it also provides super cheap, yet very rich, organic fertilizer for your garden.

It is not only the plastic products that are poisonous to the environment. The plastic from the packaging of millions of products is non-degradable. This is why people are switching to shampoo bars and soap that comes in degradable packaging. Shampoo and soaps in pods are very convenient, cheap, easy to use, and come in minimal packaging that is also degradable.

Instead of buying packaged pantry items, people are taking jars to the store. They use these containers to carry oats, flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, spices, etc.

Many countries have completely banned plastic shopping bags. Places, where plastic bags are still in use, rely on biodegradable plastic bags.

Forestation at Its Peak

There is no doubt that growing more and more trees is the best way to reduce the effects of climate change. Forests act as the lungs of our planet. Unfortunately, the high rate of deforestation has lead to drastic changes in the climate.

People are growing more and more trees to play their part in reducing the effects of climate change. Countries are growing forests to conserve and grow maximum trees. Many countries are also partaking in projects to grow billions of trees every year.

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