Century Tree Project at Texas A&M

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The Millicans

Have you ever heard of The Aggie Century Tree Project? I hadn’t until recently, but let me tell you I have become a proud supporter of this project. Trees hold a special place in the hearts of our family members. While we usually spend our time planting pecan trees, this year we are adding an oak tree to the mix.

Century Tree Project at Texas A&M

And not just any oak tree, but a seedling from the Century Tree on Texas A&M University’s campus at College Station. The Aggie tradition says that if a marriage proposal takes place under this tree then the marriage will last forever. The Century Tree is a monumental site on campus and has witnessed countless proposals beneath it’s canopy of branches. One of which happens to be my very favorite proposal story. Mainly because it’s my own story, but one of the things I love about this story is that it’s not finished. In fact, I discovered another chapter being written just a few months ago.

Not Just Neighbors But Friends

It all started with our new neighbors that recently bought the property across the road from us.

We’ve been blessed with a really great community of people that live around us. Although we live in the country, I can go out to my front porch in the evenings and hear the faint sound of evening routines taking place. And every now and then I have the pleasure of catching up with them as we meet at our cluster of mailboxes at just the same time. This year as Christmas was approaching we were shocked that our new neighbors gave us a seedling from the Century Tree. They chose this gift because they wanted to support the tree project and because of their fellow ties to Texas A&M. They also knew that we love trees, but they had no idea that Winston actually proposed to me under this tree.

The Roots of our Lives

Sometimes I’m amazed at how God chooses to write the stories of our lives. Many times when I have forgotten the specifics of an event in my past He will bring it up again. It’s as if He’s whispering to me, “I haven’t forgotten and I think it’s time to revisit that monument”. So I’ve spent some time reminiscing and I’m so glad I did. I even found this picture of Winston and I at Aggie Ring Day.

Our time at Texas A&M was incredibly special and I’m grateful that we will now have a part of Aggieland growing in our yard. This tree reminds me that our marriage is worth protecting. That if protected it could last a lifetime. I look forward to one day when we will rest under its’ branches. When we do, I hope to remember that the journey of our marriage first began beneath similar branches. If you are interested in the Aggie Century Tree Project you can find out more by contacting them. It’s a wonderful way to help raise scholarship funds for a deserving Texas A&M student while also promoting horticulture.

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