Nearsighted Americans Food for Thought

Nearsighted Americans-Food for Thought

The Millicans

Have you ever thought what would happen if you didn’t have food? Most would say they would go to the store or restaurant, but what if they didn’t have anything? How long could you go without needing to resupply? When flying into DFW this morning, I realized there are a lot of mouths to feed and very few people to do it. Did you know there is less than 1% of the US population involved in production agriculture? To me, that is a problem that has been facing Americans for a long time.

Nearsighted Americans Food for Thought

I think in my lifetime, we will see people become focused on the importance of agriculture. It might take a widespread natural disaster or political undermining to create scarcity in the food supply, but I think it will happen. It’s not very realistic for someone who is surrounded by pavement to be able to grow 100% of their food.  While we have a stable food supply currently in the United States, what would it look like if it was disrupted?

The learning curve for growing a safe food supply is steep. I learned from my dad, who learned from his dad. Many mistakes had been made in the past to learn the proper and efficient way to grow. You can learn a lot from google and the internet but experience is still the best teacher.

Most people in aren’t in agriculture for the money. Margins are tight, effort is extensive but the rewards are great. Planting a seed and seeing grow and mature into its full potential is something I take for granted. When I plant- I expect a bountiful harvest and come this spring, I expect a great crop of pecans in the pecan orchards.  

I don’t always write my feelings down about certain topics- especially for the world to see. I know some people that wrote in the 1940’s opinions and had very skewed views in today’s culture. Regardless, do you have any thoughts about this?  Let me know what you think!


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  • Well, as much as I would like to say I knew how much we depend on our farmers and ranchers, the way you described it with numbers and visual descriptions just really made me think about how good just doesn’t flow from the ground and that it could get really bad really quick if people become complacent about becoming farmers and ranchers. I do not think society has a grasp about how important our agricultural Americans are.. it is good food for thought for sure and a little scary to think about

    Marissa Kilman

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