What are Wild Native Pecans? FAQ

Pecan Orchards
The wild pecans are native pecans that were discovered in the 16th century by European explorers in the regions of North America but had long been a staple food source for the native Americans. The wild and native type is nuttier in flavor, while newer varieties have more size, thinner shells and require more management to grow.

How Many Pecans are Grown Each Year? FAQ

Pecan Orchards
Everyone knows that pecans are native to North America, so it is no surprise that 80% of the world’s pecans come from the US. The US grows anywhere...

Hope for the US Pecan Industry Amidst the US China Trade War

Pecan Orchards
China has agreed to reduce tariffs by half on $75 billion in American products on Feb. 14, 2019. This could be a desperately needed respite for U.S...

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