Walk through the pecan orchards on our pecan farm

A Walk Through the Pecan Farm

Pecan Orchards

I find that many times we are so wrapped up in the overwhelming job of making our pecan farm operate that we forget what made us fall in love with this way of life in the first place. In order to be a farmer or a farmer’s wife, you have to really love doing it. I mean that’s one of the things I first noticed about my husband long ago. He loved farming and he really loved living in the country. And you know what…he still does.

The Road to the Pecan Farm

I remember going with him to feed cows for the first time. It was a long time ago. Twenty years to be exact. We had been friends for several years, but something had started to change. I could tell that I was starting to consider him as more than just a friend. Riding down that dirt road together in his old pickup allowed me to see him doing the things he loved. Taking care of the land that God had been entrusting to his family for five generations. We were only in high school at the time. But that one excursion taught me a lot about the man that I would soon fall in love with.

That dirt road we drove down would eventually be the road that would lead to our home some six years later. It’s the same road that we drive down each day now to the pecan farm we love so well. I admit, most days on the drive home my mind is distracted by the issues of the day. I fail to slow down enough to enjoy the view of the beautiful pecan trees that canopy the quaint road I’m traveling. And that’s a real shame because it’s a privilege that I get to see nature like this on a daily basis.

Our Family Pecan Farm

So on my way home today I made a conscious effort to drive slowly and take it all in. To take in the trees that tower above the road, to take in the blue sky with fluffy white clouds adorning it, to take in the perfectly aligned rows of pecan trees in the pecan orchards on either side of the road and the animals that haven’t a care in the world.

As I drove up to my house I decided it was a good day for us to take a walk as a family in the pecan orchard. After all, we needed a reminder of why we are doing what we are doing. A walk in the orchard always helps to bring us back to how this all began. And sure enough, it did just that. The two older girls took off running ahead of us while Winston and I trailed behind with our youngest little girl in my arms.

The weather was perfect since fall has officially made a grand entrance. We love our family pecan farm and the life it allows us to live and I’m so glad we took some time today to be reminded of that!

For more information on our family pecan farm and some great history click here.

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