Pecan farms near me

Pecans Farms Near Me

Pecan Orchards

Going to a Pecan farm is always a wonderful experience. You not only get to see the orchards of tall lush pecan trees but also get pecan and related products at low retail prices. Whether you want to visit and enjoy walking around an orchard of pecan trees or you want to get freshly harvested pecans or homemade pecan pies, here are the pecan farms you should go to.

Local Grown Pecan Farms Near Me

1. Royalty Pecan Farms

One of the best pecan farms in Texas, Royalty Pecan Farms, offers much more than pecan and pecan-featured treats. Royalty pecan has its farms designed to spend quality time with your family or friends. The farm offers a venue to organize your wedding, birthday, reception or any private event with a lovely view of the pecan orchard and an amazing river bottom load backdrop. Enjoy events in the starry night on the farm to have a memorable time.

You can even have a picnic at the Royalty Pecan Farms while enjoying their fresh pecans in-shell. The farm also holds fun events like wine tasting.

2. Millican Pecan

Since 1888, Millican Pecan is providing its customers with premium pecans and pecan products right from its orchards. If you want to get the best San Saba Pecan and pecan products, visit Millican Pecan farms. From fresh pecans in-shell to chocolate covered pecan and pecan pies, they provide a wide variety of products. They also offer Creamy Pecan Butter to make your breakfast healthier and delicious. They also offer gourmet products like Chocolate Carmellican pecans and Pecan coffee to enjoy the pecan flavor at its best.

3. Miller Pecan Farms 

is a family business serving fresh raw pecans and pecan delicacies since 1972. It all started when Mr. and Mrs. Miller, together with their children, use to grow, pick and crack the shells for neighbors to teach children the value of money to their children. Eventually, Millers developed their orchard pecan farm and now they own a huge Pecan farm serving hundreds of customers daily.

Miller pecans not only sell shelled pecans but over 70 pecan sweets and treats. Starting with pecan praline, Miller Pecan Farm sells a wide variety of pecan sweets and treats, whose free samples they give away daily. Millers have their farms open for anyone who wants to spend time on a pecan farm and enjoy the beautiful country scenery.

4. Pearson Farm 

The five generations of the Pearson family has been growing and selling fresh quality pecans. Pearson farm is growing high-quality peaches and pecans, providing delicious and wholesome homemade products of pecans and peaches. They now also offer a huge collection of pecan sweets and desserts. To shop for fresh pecans and nutty treats visit Pearson Frames anywhere in Monday through Friday when the pecan season is here (September to April). Try their pecan cinnamon rolls, pumpkin pecan pie, and Georgia pecan turkey salad, and you will be coming back for more.

Wrapping Up

Spending time with your loved one, family, or friends on a pecan farm is a great way to enjoy on weekends. Here were some of the best farms you can visit and buy fresh pecans and homemade pecan pies to devour on.

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