how much will a pecan tree make?

How much money does a pecan tree produce?

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 Pecans are very delicious and crunchy to eat. They are accepted generally in America and makeup one enjoyable dessert: Pecan pie. There are a lot of things that a pecan tree can produce. From pecan nuts to pies to oil, there are a lot of by-products from the pecan tree, making it a very valuable asset.

It might interest you to know that a lot of American residents, especially those in Georgia, New Mexico, and Texas, have a pecan tree at their backyard. This growing trend might get one to wonder how valuable a pecan tree is.

Pecan trees are a huge source of income when grown properly. Due to what they can be used for and there is no limit to the amount that can be generated from pecan trees. On the other hand, growing a pecan tree involves a lot of time and nurturing.

A proper level of fertilizing and watering is also needed when trying to grow the tree for maximum results. Pecan trees take a very long time before they start bearing fruits, and until when they are nurtured properly, there will only be little or short-term profit from it.

How much money does a pecan tree produce?

When properly grown, a pecan tree can be a source of profit for a long time. To know how much a pecan tree can produce, it is necessary that one understand how much an acre can produce.

The cost of nurturing and growing a pecan tree for up to 7 years is \$63. Now when it is harvest time, a pecan tree can produce up to 50 pounds of pecans. The average retail cost for pecans is \$3 per pound. After multiplying 50 X 3, we have $150 which is the profit.

To calculate the net profit, we deduct $63 (cost of product) from $150 (total profit) which is a net profit of $87. So we can say that a pecan tree can produce \$87 in 7 years. This might look like a small figure, but note that for commercial use, pecan trees are grown in acres which means more trees.

Also, aside from the sale of the pecan nut, there are other ways a pecan tree can generate income. It is important that before planting, one gets to know the environmental laws and conditions.

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