how much does a bag of pecans cost?

How Much Does A Bag of Pecans Cost?

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How Much Does A Bag of Pecans Cost?

Pecan nuts happen to be a native tree located mostly in the Southern part of America and Mexico. It has grown to become a vital ingredient when preparing one of America’s traditional meals - Pecan Pie. Pecans are generally accepted in the U.S and appear in the flag of about five states, including Alabama, Arkansas, California, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Pecans are in high demand as they can be used for several consumption purposes. In the United States in 2016 alone, over 64,900 metric tons of pecans were consumed; this makes the United States the highest consumers of pecans.

Aside from being the highest consumers, the U.S is also among the most top producers and importers of pecan nuts in the world. In 2014, there was an annual production of pecan crops of about 264.2 million pounds, which is equivalent to 132,075 tons.

How much does a bag of Pecans cost?

The cost for a bag of Pecan tends to vary slightly due to certain factors that affect the pricing. Some of the factors that determines the cost are:

Importation or Local: One main factor that determines the price for a bag of Pecan is whether the Pecan was locally produced or whether it was imported. It is no news that imported items are mostly cheaper than their locally made counterparts, and the same goes for Pecans.

Pecans that are locally produced are cheaper than imported once, so this can affect the price at which the seller sells.

Location: Another factor that can also affect the pricing for a bag of Pecan is the location where it is being sold. The cost of a bag tends to be cheaper in states that have a high production of Pecans. So, states like Georgia, South Mexico, and Texas should sell a bag of Pecan less expensive than it would be sold in Florida, New York, California, etc.

Environmental changes: Another vital factor that affects the price is the state of the environment where the pecans are cultivated in large quantities. When there is a natural disaster or any form of disaster, and the production rate gets affected, the cost for a bag can go up. But in a favorable environment, the trees can thrive and produce more, which in return can reduce the cost.

Quality: The quality of the Pecan sometimes affects the price, as some less quality produce stamp a low price in other to sell them off. But regardless of these factors, the average cost for a bag of Pecan goes for \$9 only. At what amount have you bought a bag of Pecan, and were you satisfied with the price?


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