Pecan Companies in Texas

Pecan Companies in Texas

Pecan Orchards

Pecan Companies Pecans are a favorite nut in the southern region and are popular in all parts of the US. The US produces 80-90% of the pecans in the world, harvesting 150-200 thousand pecans annually. Georgia and Texas are the leading producers of pecans in the US. With such a high number of pecan producers, the pecan market in the US is booming. There are several companies harvesting and selling pecans and pecan products, locally and internationally. If you are thinking about where to buy pecans, we might be of help to you as here are some popular pecan companies providing fresh and high-quality pecans and related pecan products.

1. Berdoll Pecan Candy and Gift Co Berdoll Pecan is one of the best selling pecan and product companies in Austin. From shelled pecans to candied pecans, Bedroll has the best quality of pecans grown in Texas. If you want to get the best shell in pecans, then Berdoll Pecans is a good choice. Berdoll Pecans offer a wide variety of pecans you have never thought of. They offer candied pecans for those who need to satisfy their sweet tooth. They have gluten-free pecans for those who are on a gluten-free diet. Berdoll Pecan also sells jalapeno pecans for those who like to get adventurous with mixing different flavors.

2. Millican Pecan Millican Pecan is providing its customers with premium pecans and pecan products since 1888. If you want to get the best San Saba Pecan and pecan products, Millican Pecan has a lot of options to offer. Millican Pecans have their own orchids from which they provide freshly harvested pecans. From fresh pecans in shell to pecan chocolates and pecan pies, they provide a wide variety of products. Their pecan pie was even featured in Food Network. Millican Pecan is among few companies that provide gourmet pecan products other than fresh pecans. From Milk chocolate Caramillicans to Coffee lover’s basket, there is so much you can get to gift your loved one or enjoy all by yourself.

3. Gilbert Pecan One of the oldest pecan companies in Texas, Gilbert Pecan, is well known for providing quality in-shell pecans, shelled ones, and delightful treats like candied pecans, chocolate-coated pecans and log pecan roll. Gilbert pecans also offer their yummy honey roasted pecans and sweet and spicy pecans. Other than pecan and pecan-related products, the company has a good range of baked goods, sauces, and other snacks. If you want to buy pecans in bulk at a reasonable price, Gilbert Pecan can be a good pick.

US Pecan Suppliers

US Pecan is the leading supplier of pecans locally and internationally. Unlike most pecan companies, US Pecan suppliers do more than sell pecan and related products. They promote selling other pecan products too. US Pecan Suppliers also holds events to target different companies selling pecans. They also work to promote the pecan as nutritious and healthy food to include in the daily diet. US Pecan supplies highest-quality pecans to different food services, retailers, and local and foreign industries.

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