Where do pecans grow?

Where do pecans grow?

Pecan Orchards

Where do pecans grow? 


Now that you know the origins and pronunciations of “pecan,” we must dive into the history to better understand the meaning. The pecan or pecan tree is a tree that grows nuts of the same name. The tree is known to only grow in certain parts of North America and Mexico. The Pecan Tree or carya illinoinensis, is native to the Mississippi valley, extending north into Louisiana and Illinois. They are also found throughout parts of Texas and Northern Mexico. Typically hardy in zones 5 through 9, there are pecan farms located in California and Arizona as well as New Mexico and Florida. The top three areas with the largest pecan farms include Georgia, Mexico, and Texas.


Pecan farms are spread across Northern America, which further explains the varying etymology and pronunciations of the word “pecan.” Regardless of the accents applied to the word, just remember, with nearly half a dozen pronunciations, there’s really no wrong way to say it. 

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