Are Pecans Gluten-Free?  FAQ

Are Pecans Gluten-Free? FAQ

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 Adding nuts to your daily diet is necessary to maintain optimal heart health, improving metabolism, and maintain weight. Eating pecans and other nuts healthily also help to keep the blood sugar level, cholesterol, and blood pressure under control.

To ensure that you get maximum benefits and goodness of pecans, make sure to eat them healthily and in moderation. There should be no addition of oils and saturated fats, sugar, artificial syrups, food color, and gluten. Yes, you read that right gluten. Although gluten is not as bad as high sugars and artificial substances, there is already too much gluten in our everyday foods.

According to the experts and nutritionists, all the hype against gluten is not needed. A little amount of gluten is necessary for our body to digest carbohydrates. However, the amount of gluten an average American consumes is enough to lead to an increase in weight and sugar levels. So it is necessary to eat food with gluten as less as possible. Those who have strict requirements of a gluten-free diet due to gluten intolerance or other reasons should avoid gluten completely.


Nuts are gluten-free when they are in their pure form. As nuts are obviously plant-based foods, they do not have any gluten in them. They are gluten-free, low in sugars and rich in fibers, good fats, and antioxidants. W

hile nuts are naturally gluten-free, with added flavors, there can be some gluten in them. When pecan sellers have to flavor nuts, they often need to add wheat to the seasonings. If you want gluten-free nuts, do not get the flavored ones. Enjoy raw pecans, shelled pecans or pecan halves from Millican Pecan and stay relaxed as all of our nuts are gluten-free.

Can Cross-Contamination Add Gluten To The Nuts?

While only flavored nuts may have gluten in them, there are some chances of cross-contamination. Nuts, when packed and processed in the same facilities, can face cross-contamination. This is one of the concerns of consumers who cannot eat nuts with any gluten in them.

Millican Company is certified pecan producers and sellers of gluten-free pecans. When buying our fresh pecans, rest assured that they are 100% gluten-free.

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