a Choice of Pecan Varities for North Central Texas 1958

a Choice of Pecan Varities for North Central Texas 1958

Pecan Research

W. S. Price, Jr. Pecan Grower, Kerens, Texas

Commercial production of pecans occurs only in that area where there is sufficient tonnage to economically justifies the effort. Pounds are what the grower must have to encourage harvest and price per pound determines how well he gathers the crop. Regular annual crops assure the trade of goods to handle. Quality of the pecan nuts insure confidence throughout the trade. Size of the pecan nut is of importance to the inshell buyer for it is the eye of the purchaser that turns his wishes into action.

Desirable, Success, Delmas, and Stuart are recommended in that order for North Central Texas. Each of these varieties is well known and accepted on the market. The grower has a more critical opinion of the varieties named but that opinion is not allowed to divert a sale. The economics of successful pecan growing is not found in variety names but in quantity and price.

Desirable would be the choice in this area if a person was limited to only one variety.

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