Encouraging words for kids

Encouraging Words for Kids

The Millicans

Do you need some encouraging words for kids? Do you realize how much they need words of affirmation? I was listening to a podcast a few weeks ago that left me realizing that some of us live with words that impact us more than we may ever realize. The guest speaker said that the things we tell our children when they are young tend to be their inner voice when they are older. Think about that for a minute. I caught myself holding my breath after I heard those words. “What words will my children have playing over and over in their minds when they get older?” I thought.

“Will they be encouraging words? Words of affirmation or hope that challenge them to become women who live honorable lives? Will they be words that ignite a fire of passion within them causing them to strive to do more with the life they’ve been given? Or will they instead be tortured by an onslaught of negative words that leave them feeling defeated and unwilling to try? Words that cut them to the core and convince them that they are worthless?”

Growing Up with Encouraging Words

I was fortunate to grow up with parents who were careful to choose their words. They weren’t perfect and I know they made their fair-share of mistakes, but the words I remember them speaking to me were words of hope. They challenged me to live with a teachable heart. Realizing that I don’t have everything figured out and to embrace advice from others. They also encouraged me in the activities I participated in growing up. I was usually not the best performer in most the activities I participated in, but they helped me realize that the role I played was important and that progress was more valuable than being first.

These words that impact me have marked my life with optimism. They are the words that play over and over in my mind now as an adult when I am failing miserably at something. And when I am struggling with the storms of life these words help breath hope into me to assure me that God is trustworthy and is holding my hand whatever the circumstances.

The Need for Encouraging Words for Kids

But I know that so many people grow up with the exact opposite childhood. I’ve known some who grew up in homes with parents who never encouraged them. Still others whose parents also made them feel like their best was never enough. I also have friends whose home life was so abusive that they now struggle with relationships. They have to push themselves to be willing to trust anyone. Because trust was broken in their lives by the people they should have been able to trust the most they now live with words that haunt them day in and day out. These words tell them that they will never amount to anything and on bad days they believe the lies.

Although I know my daughters are not being raised in an abusive environment I do acknowledge that my mouth doesn’t always produce positive words. As I asked myself these honest questions I paused and took some time to pray. “Lord, please help us to parent our children with Truth and be willing to enforce discipline when needed. But help us also to ensure that we don’t succumb to degrading and negative words. It would grieve my heart to leave them feeling less than capable of what You have planned for them.”

I hope these words are helpful for you as they were for me. I think our kids need us to be willing to ask ourselves tough questions. It may be the very thing that provides them with hope-filled words that impact them throughout their adult lives.

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