Innovative Take with Pecan fundraising

Innovative Take with Pecan Fundraising

The Millicans

Typically groups will inundate the public several times a year to promote and help fund their associations. A queue forms, sports teams, schools, scouts, and church groups begin offering redundant staples that no one needs, but people buy out of obligation. There is a better option, one that mixes things up a bit while offering consumers a fresh new perspective, pecan fundraising.

Innovative Take with Pecan Fundraising

The local schools send out the students armed with useless sundries. The youth sports associations come armed with coupon cards that offer the user free small fries with the purchase of a burger and drink. The scouts tend to set up shop outside the grocery stores and sell off last year’s leftover microwave popcorn, which is usually out of date and never pops all the kernels.

The cookie dough fundraiser requires the buyer to coordinate the day around picking up and getting the dough on ice as soon as possible. Pecan fundraising though offers everyone something that is fresh, and something that everybody uses. Incorporating a pecan fundraiser into the usual groups is easy and comes backed by an organization that is knowledgeable and prepared to help navigate those groups associated with them.

You Can Have Fun with Fundraisers

Pecan fundraising is popular, and most impactful during the fall months. Ideally the fundraising groups will initiate the pecan fundraiser in coordination with when school starts, then begin distribution leading up to the holiday season. Millican Pecan offers unique products that are easy, fun and healthy compared to other fundraising methods. Health Pecans offer the consumer a plethora of nutrient rich and health improving compounds and oils. Antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, oleic acid and oleic oil, which is the same as olive oil, but offers the user a tastier flavor profile.

Any activity that brings parents and children together is good, and leads to a fun filled adventure. Most elementary schools introduce children to fundraisers, and pecan fundraisers offer the parents a commodity they can better relate to, and one they feel more comfortable selling to family and friends with their children. As kids move into middle school they tend to lose interest in fundraising, and parents begin to become disengaged. Pecan fundraisers offer attention grabbing products and help introduce healthy snack alternatives, keeping all parties focused on the overall goal.

Pecan Fundrasing Items for Church School or Organization

Successful Fundraising with Pecans

Pecan fundraisers become automatic, and a no-brainer to go to for bringing in dollars to local organizations. They become an anticipated knock at the door. The product offerings that come with pecans are ideal for creating baskets, and prizes at school themed events like chili bingo and silent auctions. Pecan fundraising is in tune with church congregations and church sponsored events. They become smart selling points for potlucks, after service Sunday school classes, and perfect for baking outreach offerings for all welcoming committees.

Fundraising with Pecans is a simple and fun way to raise money for any group. When sellers have the opportunity to partner with knowledgeable suppliers like Millican Pecan, they are armed with the right tools, information, and confidence in selling the freshest products and impacting the bottom line like never before. Contact Millican for further information and look through the brochure they offer which highlights their nine top selling items, 866-484-6358 or email

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