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The Millican Pecan Family

The Millicans

Getting to know the Millican Pecan Company and the family behind the name is a lesson in pecan history.

Rich in family history and tradition dating back to 1888, Millican Pecan Company was developed following the patriarch E.E. Risien’s founding of the West Texas Pecan Nursery. The great-great-grandfather of Winston Millican President of Millican Pecan Company, E.E. Risien, through innovative agricultural science, developed most of the more notable varieties of pecans including the: San Saba Improved, Texas Prolific, Onliwon, Squirrel Delight, No.60, and Western Schley to name just a few. So many varieties were developed here, this part of Texas is known as the "Pecan Capital of the World."

Millican Pecan Companies original orchard planted by E.E. Risien is located at the joining of the Colorado and San Saba Rivers within San Saba County in the Texas Hill Country. This orchard is home to “The Mother Tree” where the success of Millican Pecan Company began. From this location and others, using the many great pecan varieties developed, Millican Pecan Company produces the most delightful and tasty pecan products. Pies, candies, preserves, cooking oils and shelled pecans are just part of their extensive product line.

Winston and his wife Kristen both graduated in 2003 from Texas A&M University and moved back to San Saba, Texas to establish their family. They combined Winston’s experience in farming and all aspects of pecans with Kristen’s love for cooking and Millican Pecan Company was added to a family business history that spans five generations. You can reach them at or

Millican Pecan Company continues to break new ground and pursue new markets yet never forgets it heritage and family tradition of excellence. Millican Pecan Company is where old fashioned goodness and state of the art technology meet, delivering quality pecan products from our orchard to you!

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