Are pecans good for weight loss

Are Pecans Good for Weight Loss?

Pecan Nutrition

The minute someone goes on a “diet” for weight loss, nuts seem to be an automatic staple in their diet. We all know nuts are calorie-dense and full of fat, so how are pecans good for weight loss?

Are Pecans Good for Weight Loss?

Since pecans are rich in protein and healthy, unsaturated fat, this can result in reducing your appetite and leave you feeling fuller, longer. Meaning you won’t need another snack before dinner, or maybe you won’t eat as much of the appetizer. Those calories you didn’t intake will put you into a calorie deficit, which overtime can lead to weight loss. But there might also be something else at play. The key here is to eat nuts instead of other food sources that are high in saturated fat and processed sugar. If we don’t decrease these calories from other snacks and meals, the calories coming from nuts can potentially discount their health benefits by ultimately leading to weight gain. For instance, if you normally eat a bag of Cheetos as your afternoon snack, grab a yogurt topped with crushed pecans instead. The same goes for meal-time. If you focus on more plant-based meals that are high in unsaturated fats, this can lead to more long-term weight loss and not the weight roller-coaster that we are all too familiar with.

Healthy Snack Pecan Halves

So far, things have made perfect sense. Of course! You’re exercising. You’re making healthy choices. You’re thinking, “I just need to cut out the chips, and grab some nuts.” But snack time has come and you’re sitting there staring into your cupboard trying to find a healthy alternative for those crinkle-cut Lays. Not to fear, we’ve got your covered. Check out these swap suggestions the next time you’re caught during snack time with little inspiration:

Visit the recipe section on our website for more easy ideas on how to incorporate pecans into your daily meals and snacks.

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