Innovative take on chocolate pecans

Innovative Take on Chocolate Pecans

Pecan Nutrition

The calendar consumes our days with holidays, birthdays and in general a plethora of events that requires gifting of one sort or another. The few weeks without these observances are when vacations are planned around the days that birthdays are celebrated. The work weeks are embellished with affirmations such as, ‘Hump Day,’ signifying the middle of the week, or ‘Thank God it’s Friday,’ at the conclusion of the week.

A Gift of Chocolate Covered Pecans

Most of society acquiesces to honor the holidays and special occasions with the typical box of candy, accompanied with a ‘Fill in the blank,’ card. Admittedly though deep down everyone enjoys when these days, even more so when they are acknowledged with gifts that are more, ‘Out of the box.’ The solution is simple, Millican chocolate pecans.

Chocolate pecans are readily available, but somehow still unique. They are a great alternative to the box of chocolates were the recipients smile, and bite into one of the ‘guess what flavor,’ crème filled bonbons after another until suddenly the box is empty, the diet is broken, and all that is left is a box of discarded wrappers and a conscious riddled with guilt.

Chocolate pecans offer the chosen valentine, the gift exchanger, or the honoree of the day an indulgence that is less guilt filled and nutritionally sound, and it sticks in the recipients mind as a much more special treat. A heart shaped box of candy in the middle of February is short lived, chocolate pecans, concocted in a variety of fashions is a year round enjoyable offering.

Nutritional Profile of Chocolate Pecans

From a nutritional perspective chocolate pecans are better for sharing than the typical box of chocolate covered candy. A single serving of each is 1.5 ounces, (40g) and balances out to about four pieces of candy to six chocolate pecans Chocolate Covered Pecans Box Candy Saturated Fat 5g 7g Total Carbohydrates 19 g 17g Sugars 18g 22g

Chocolate pecans offer twice the dietary fiber as chocolate candy, and the calories are burned off by an average walk, run or bicycle ride. Additionally chocolate pecans are packed with healthy oils (oleic), antioxidants that detoxify the body, and omega-3 fatty acids that have been proven to improve eye and brain health. Chocolate pecans also offer in one serving, vitamins and minerals that aid in reducing cholesterol, promoting brain functions and colon health, while processing energy while strengthening immune systems. Essentially pecans our natures daily vitamin.

Where to Buy Chocolate Pecans

Purchasing chocolate pecans from reputable trusted pecan growers and processors from Central Texas in San Saba, like Millican Pecan Company assures the buyer of fresh pecans, and a processing procedure that is dedicated solely to pecans alone. This reduces the consumer’s chance of allergy symptoms that are associated to peanuts or other specific nuts. Chocolate pecans and other pecan confections are available year round, so buyers should take advantage of the deals during fall and winter holidays that extend throughout the year.

Celebrate Valentines, or spring and summer holidays along with birthdays and anniversaries with gift baskets, or keep chocolate covered pecans clusters and chocolate dipped pecans on hand 12 months of the year as a healthy alternative and an anticipated treat.

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