Pecan candy a healthy indulgence

Pecan Candy, a Healthy Indulgence

Pecan Nutrition

So often, people who enjoy convenience food will shout aloud, “Why can’t (insert your favorite unhealthy food) be as good for me as it tastes?” Pecan candy answers the call, and draws the line where ‘junk food’ ends, and ‘good for you’ begins.

Is Pecan Candy a Healthy Indulgence?

The most health conscious among us has contemplated how wonderful it would be if endless pizza burned calories instead of adding them, or wished that frozen treats cleaned the arteries instead of clogging them. Pecan candy delivers taste while contributing to a healthier lifestyle to all those who enjoy them. One of the finer points of pecan candy is that when it is given as a gift the recipient is given the chance to indulge without feeling guilt ridden over what they are eating.

Pecan candy has a long honored tradition of being a go to snack. From the heart of Texas, through New Orleans to the Carolinas, and from there to the four corners of the earth, pecans have been enjoyed as they are naturally, or with the slightest addition of confectionery decadence that has been added from one location to the other. The dedication of our predecessor’s experiments have gifted our generation everything from the pecan with the subtle hint of cinnamon and sugar dusting, to the pecan praline, and of course the celebratory chocolate covered and toffee treats.

Pecans, a Natural Superfood

Pecans are a superfood from God that lends itself to promotion of heart health by adding fiber to the daily diet while reducing risk of developing coronary disease. Its natural ingredient listing offers mono-saturated fatty acids and phenolic antioxidants. Pecans cancer fighting skills are enhanced by oleic acid, and its high levels of manganese build up immunity and strengthen nerve cells. These same components that occupy the structure of the pecan, aid our body in weight loss when they are consumed as part of a balanced diet, and exercise regimen.

Pecans by themselves, or when made into the tastiest pecan candy treats feeds our healthy skin, acts as a stress reducer, and is an anti-aging tool with all of its vitamins and minerals. These are found in the counterbalancing pills and creams that thousands search for in the pharmacies, and at the cosmetic counter everyday throughout the year.

Pecan Treats are Endless

The biggest upsell to pecan candy is the variety that it offers to its consumers. When made from the freshest pecans, with finest ingredients at a trusted producer the sky becomes the limit. Families have enjoyed the natural pecan halves during the holiday’s to fill the home with the aroma of fresh homemade treats. In the school room and workplace your favorite pecan growers offer a plethora of treats, some trusted standbys that have forever had a place at the table. There are also countless pecan candy varieties that have only been imagined, coffees, pecan butters, and baskets and tins that brighten anyone’s day, be it an anniversary, holiday or birthday.

When the time gives to give a gift, at home, the workplace or in the classroom, pecan candy is the present that is considered outside of the box. They are the gift that is remembered, and appreciated without cluttering up space all year round. It also makes a fantastic reward to oneself for staying true to the goals you set for yourself. Pecan candy is something to be enjoyed year round.

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