The History of Papershell Pecans: A Nut-Cracking New Idea from San Saba, Texas

Pecan Orchards
San Saba is a small town in the middle of Texas that is famous for its pecans, its past, and its beautiful scenery. One story that stands out in San Saba's memory is the story of EE Risien and the Papershell Pecans, which were a big step forward in food technology.

Are There Different Types Of Pecans? FAQ

Pecan Orchards
Pecans are similar to walnuts but have their own distinct shape, texture and flavor. Pecans have a wrinkled appearance like walnuts but are more sl...

Are Nuts Bad For Squirrels

Pecan Orchards
 Squirrels are some of the smallest tree-climbing animals around and one food they have always eaten has been nuts. Two of the most accessible nuts...

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