Business Gift Ideas – A Millican Pecan Special

Business Gift Ideas – A Millican Pecan Special

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Exchanging gifts can make any event memorable, whether it’s a family event, a business party, or a special occasion. However, choosing a gift can be tricky, especially when it comes to business gift ideas. With Millican Pecan, you will find a wide range of pecans in different tastes, shapes, and packing. From birthday parties to weddings to the corporate sector, you will find gifts for everyone.

Here are some of the best business gift ideas.

Chocolate Pecan Butter Cups

It’s a special gift for those who would make an all-out effort to make a gift memorable and worthy.

Choco Pecan Butter comes from cream, pecan butter, and milk. It has white and dark chocolate to make a lip-licking delicious treat. You also have an option to go for adding milk chocolate only.

You get 12 classic chocolate Pecan butter cups in one box. These decorative and smart-looking boxes make the cutest gifts, particularly for Easter, birthdays, etc.

Pecan Log Rolls

You may eat it as a double-handed candy bar; unwrap it to find your favorite candy.

Millican takes great care in preparing it with cream-nougat under layers of buttery, home-made caramel. The caramel is further covered in thick pecan pieces. It’s the best gift for your employees, co-workers, or business partners who can’t resist sweets.

Millican pecan log rolls are available in a pack of 5 oz.

Caramel Pecan Popcorn - 1-Gallon Pail

They have made it more presentable for those who love munching on snacks and treats. You can surprise your valued customers or someone else in your business circle with Caramel pecan popcorn.

The fresh pop-corns and pecan pieces coated with home-made caramel are hard to resist. Plus, they add praline flavor pecan to it to get a distinct taste so you can enjoy its every bite. It comes in bags and gift tins as well. With a special gift-tin packing, it is a great business gift.


Mini Pecan Pie Tarts

You will savor and cherish each bite of Millican mini pecan pie tarts – another value addition to the list of gift ideas for you. It’s the perfect gift for those who love dessert after meals. They can enjoy it every evening while watching their favorite shows.

You may see it as an alternative to classic large pecan pies.

The new beautiful gift box makes it more of a give-away gift to those you care about. You will find twelve classic mini pecan pie tarts in a box.

Taste of Texas

Taste of Texas will give a variety of pecans, including Fancy Pecan Halves, Salty, and Roasted, Log Pecans, honey roasted pecans, and plantation praline pecans. To spice up the taste, you will get Hot and Spicy pecan in it. Moreover, for the classic pecan flavor, you will find Chocolate Pecans, including Amaretto Pecans, Caramillicans, and many more.

Nothing makes for a better business gift than these flavorful pecans in a basket of 6 lbs.


Don’t take the conventional route when it comes to selecting business gift ideas. Think out-of-the-box, and surprise your colleagues, employees, business partners, and customers with Millican Pecan’s wholesome, delicious pecan products.

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