5 Reasons to Use Chopped Pecan Pieces

5 Reasons To Use Chopped Pecan Pieces

Pecan Research

With the recent trend of the value of pecans, the best value in the pecan market is chopped pecan pieces.  These pecan pieces come in a varitey of sizes from meal, the millings from the shelling process, all the way to mammoth pieces, which are halves with a broken corner.  It is not necessary for chefs to reduce the size of the pecans because they are already offered in that size.  Please contact us today to see which size pecans meet your needs and to take advantage of pecan pieces.

After Inshell pecans, (those still in the shell) have been cleaned, they are process in the shelling facility.  This mechanical process removes the pecan shells and dislodges the nut meats.  Often times, the pecan halves get broken or chipped and pecan pieces are produced.  These broken pecan pieces are then chopped and sized with screens into similar classes of sizes.  Typically pecan pieces are the best value for the baker or the home consumer. 

5 Reasons to Use Chopped Pecan Pieces

  1. Time-saver with Pecan Pieces- If you are a busy bee who wants to make your own pecan dishes with minimal amount of time, buying readily chopped pecan pieces is the way to go! This increases the efficiency of your cooking by producing the same product with less time.  Did you know they come in a multiple sizes including small, medium and large and can be as small as flour and nearly as large as pecan halves.
  2. They make the perfect crust! Crushed pecan pieces can be used to create a crispy crust or breading! Here are some food ideas you can make with pecan crust: Pecan Crusted Chicken Butter Cinnamon Pie with Pecan Crust Pecan Pie Crust Pecan Crusted Salmon Pecan Cheesecake.  Are you wondering how many pecan pieces are in one cup?
  3. Easier absorption of nutrients Chopped pecan pieces allow more nutrients to be released and absorbed. This is backed up by a research that proved nuts that are in smaller sizes have greater nutrient release due to higher bio accessibility than larger nuts 
  4. Digested more easily Your body needs to put in effort to grind and process food that you eat. As such, eating chopped or “pre-processed” pecans help your body digest the pecans you ate more easily.
  5. Decrease risk of choking hazards Eating nuts can be dangerous for populations with lesser ability to chew, grind or swallow. One of the ways to reduce the risk of choking hazards in children or the elderly is by serving finely chopped nuts instead of whole nuts. However, if someone has an abnormal chewing or swallowing ability, it is important to consult the doctor for an evaluation.

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