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Taking Advantage of Pecan Pieces

Pecan Nutrition

Perfection in the kitchen is more about not confusing salt for sugar, or baking powder for baking soda. Perfection also means not being consumed by what looks pretty, but about making what you have perfect with your recipe. Pecan pieces along with pecan halves are a fine example of making the most out the ingredients you have, and elevating your cooking skills.

Pecans are a beautiful and simple way to enhance any recipe they contribute to with taste and visual garnishment. Fresh Grade 1 fancy pecans with their golden color and deep rich flavor profile, composed within each curve and crevice gives off a sought after embellishment when presented in your favorite dishes. Pecan pieces though are an overlooked extravagance that isn’t taken advantage of by enough people.

Using Chopped Pecan Pieces in Your Recipes

chopped pecan pieces sizesKnowledgeable cooks, bakers and confectioners know that the pretty pecans adorn the top of your favorite cakes, pies, and candies, but it is the pecan pieces themselves that hide away in the body of every dish that brings out the flavors, and defines the profile the plate takes on.

The rich buttery flavor in the nutrient filled pecan pieces can be used in hundreds of recipes, and offers a better flavor when substituted in place of duller tree nuts like the walnut. Next to taste, the greatest benefit of adding pecan pieces to your recipes is the savings. Market prices tend to offer these tidbits at about 33% cheaper than the pretty pecan halves, but maintain 100% of the savory flavor.

Whether baking at home or in a professional setting, pecan pieces store just as easy as pecan halves, six months in the refrigerator, or 1 year in the freezer when sealed properly in a zipper lock freezer grade bag. Pecan pieces measure out easily and consistently because they are able to compact into measuring utensils. They camouflage themselves into your favorite recipes, and pair well with so many popular flavors such as caramel, toffee and bourbon. Most sous chefs and pastry cooks will confess that often the secrets of their dishes are pecan pieces, while the top of their dishes like pecan pie are adorned with the intact halves to sell the dish.

A popular advantage to pecan pieces is they are not as prone to allergies as peanuts. Consult with your family doctor if you have nut allergies to see if you fall into the large group of people that are unaffected by pecans. Ideally you will purchase your pecans, pecan pieces and pecan confections from companies that only process pecans and not other tree nuts to ensure they are free from cross contamination of other allergens.

When cooking with pecan pieces and halves, figure about a 90:10 ratio. 90% pecan pieces to account for your recipe filling, such as pecan pies, fudge, brownies and cookies. 10% pecan halves to top off your treats to make them picture perfect. The best recipes for 100% pecan pieces include Butter Pecan Cake, Pecan Breakfast Rolls and Pecan Nougat Rolls.

Final thoughts to consider are everything that pecans can offer you, and pecan pieces maintain 100% of the same nutrients found in whole pecans and halves. Pecans are a superfood that offers the body a great source of antioxidants, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and contain a plethora of vitamins and minerals that are part of a recommended diet. Pecan pieces are an affordable way to embellish all of your recipes without discounting the taste and mouthfeel aficionados expect. Check with a reputable pecan orchard and processor to confidently shop for Grade 1 fancy and the freshest pecans available.

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