What Color is Butter Pecan

What Color is Butter Pecan?

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Butter pecan is a delicious flavor that’s usually found in ice creams, cakes and cookies. The flavor has a unique, sweet aroma that turns an ordinary treat into your favorite treat. The color of butter pecan ice cream ranges from pale cream to light caramel, vanilla white or a light shade of brown, with small pecan flecks. This flavor is popular in the United States and particularly prominent in the southern most states.

What Color is Butter Pecan

Not only is butter pecan an ice cream favorite, but many baked goods feature this flavor too. For instance, many bakery shelves highlight a butter pecan cake with a delectable icing that is adorned with fresh pecan halves or pecan pieces. There are many variations and ways to perfect a butter pecan cake or butter pecan icing, but the common ingredients are butter, sugar, roasted pecans and vanilla extract.

While butter pecan is usually known as a flavor it can also be a phrase used to identify a particular color. In fact, I've been told by some cake artists who frequently use fondant to decorate their cake creations that they refer to one of their fondant colors as butter pecan. The color is more of a cream color with a hint of light caramel.

How Do Pecans Benefit Your Health?

  1. It lowers cholesterol levels High cholesterol levels lead to clogging of the arteries making you at risk of heart disease. Pecans have monounsaturated fats which reduce the HDL, "bad cholesterol" and promote HDL, "good cholesterol" oxidation in the body. Having your cholesterol level regulated reduces your risk of getting hypertension and promotes a healthy heart.
  2. Boosts the body’s immune system Pecan nuts are a source of healthy fats and also quality protein which is essential for boosting immunity. When you eat about one-ounce serving of pecans, which is approximately 20 halves, you get 2.6 g of protein, about 4 g of carbs and many vitamins and minerals such as riboflavin which is essential for normal growth of cells and function, and also vitamin A, which keeps the body free from common cold and flu. The fiber in pecans also cleans the gastrointestinal system thus facilitating regular movements of the bowel. Pecans are a great source of manganese (one ounce provides 63% of your recommended daily intake) and copper (one ounce contains 12% of your daily intake) (Self Nutrition Data, 2015).
  3. Has anti-toxicity properties Cyclophosphamide is present in pecans which reduces the risk of cancer. Antioxidants such as flavonoids, phenols have been shown to greatly reduce the inflammation rates and also reduce certain diseases such as arthritis. Vitamin E which is found in the nuts also mitigates the effects of chronic inflammation. The nuts also have magnesium which has anti-inflammatory effects.
  4. Improves the functioning of the brain Pecans also lower the oxidative stress in the brain. Niacin found in the nuts boosts the brain function. Manganese also found in the nuts helps stabilize the brain’s synaptic process. Copper and Thiamine helps reduce radical damage to the brain. All these help us to reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease
  5. Pecans aid in weight lossFoods high in fat content are mostly associated with weight gain right? Well, this is false when it comes to pecan. Several studies have shown that eating nuts don’t promote weight gain. They contain dietary fiber which makes have the feeling of satiety, thus making you avoid eating too much food which can cause weight gain. Eating the nuts also helps you reduce or replace your intake of unhealthy processed foods which not only promotes weight gain but also diseases.

At Millican Pecan we bring to your table a variety of pecans, straight from our orchard and they include varieties such as San Saba Improved, Texas prolific, Onliwon, just to name a few. Some of the top products that you can enjoy include fresh pecan halves, Texas pecan pie and pecan gift baskets. All U.S. retail orders on the 48 lower states come with free shipping!

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