Signature pecan products

Signature Pecan Products

The Millicans

Pecans are one of Mother Nature’s best gifts we have. Roasted pecans are ideal for satiating untimely hunger pangs. With pecans, you can make delicious desserts, including pecan pie, pecan pralines, pecan cheesecake, and much more. Pecan scented soap can make you smell nice and fresh all day long. Pecan scented candles accentuate your home’s ambiance by radiating a soothing aroma. We can go and on about various pecan products and their benefits.

Signature Pecan Products

We also have our fair share of special pecan products. Try our signature products, and you get to have pecans you have never enjoyed before.

Milk Chocolate Caramillicans Gift Box

Milk Chocolate Caramillicans are our customers’ favorite pecan treats. We make these special Chocolate Caramillicans with pecans, caramel, chocolate, and a lot of love. You can have these Chocolate Caramillicans as a snack or a dessert. These Caramillicans have everything you would want in a scrumptious dessert. The gooey, buttery caramel complements the fresh crunchy pecans and silky milk chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Caramillicans Gift Box

If you are not a fan of milk chocolate, we have Dark Chocolate Caramillicans for you. The strong bitter-sweet dark chocolate is a perfect combination of warm caramel and crunchy pecans. Dark Chocolate Caramillicans are a customer favorite here at Millican Pecan, next to Milk Chocolate Caramillicans.

Creamy Pecan Butter

This delicious and velvety pecan butter is very nutritious. Make breakfast times fun with our Creamy Pecan Butter. It has no gluten, sugar, additives, or preservatives. So people of all ages and dietary requirements can have it. Spread it on toast or make a pecan butter and jelly sandwich with it. This Creamy Pecan Butter is so good that you would want to eat it straight out of the jar.

Butter Pecan Coffee

Mixing butter in coffee is a recent common trend, known as "bullet coffee". Not only does it make coffee more delicious, but it's also a healthy alternative if you use pure butter.

At Millican Pecan we have our own version of Butter Pecan Coffee. In fact, there are several pecan coffee flavors that we have to choose from and each one has its own unique trait. Growing up on a pecan farm, we were compelled to give pecan coffee a try. And guess what? We absolutely love it.

Hence, we suggest that you give our Butter Pecan Coffee a try. Pecans and coffee make a delightful combination to power up your mornings.

Vanilla Cinnamon Pecan Coffee

There is so much you can do with pecans and coffee. This led us to introduce a new coffee flavor. Vanilla Cinnamon Pecan Coffee has everything you could ever ask for. Cinnamon gives the right kick of spice to pecan coffee. The vanilla gives a sweet and pleasant aroma to pecan coffee. This coffee is perfect for giving you a boost of energy every morning. If you are tired of having the same regular coffee, this Vanilla Cinnamon Pecan Coffee is all you need. You can also gift it to your family or friends. Vanilla Cinnamon Pecan Coffee can make an impressive gift for anyone.

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