What happens to all the pecan shells FAQ

What Happens To All The Pecan Shells? FAQ

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Pecans are one most consumed nuts in the United States, as well as an all-American favorite. We Americans are lucky to be the top producer and consumer of the pecans in the world. Here, pecans are available everywhere. You can find several varieties of pecans in grocery stores. You can also buy or order fresh pecans from farms and orchards. You will also find several pecan companies selling online.

What Happens to all the Pecan Shells

We know that most of the pecans are sold with their shells removed. Shelled pecans and pecan in halves are widely sold and consumed all across the US. But have you ever wondered what happens to the shells?

Organic Fertilizers

The shells of eggs and nuts make very good organic fertilizers. Pecan shells are crushed and are either mixed directly in the soil or used to make organic fertilizers along with other natural sources.

Pecan shells have a high fiber content, which can be a great source of carbohydrates for both the crop and microorganisms in the soil. Pecan shells also have anti-oxidants, which are again beneficial for both the soil itself and the microbes living in it.

Giving proper nourishment to the soil and the crop promotes growth and better yield. Organic fertilizers are not only safe but also have all the nutrients readily available for the soil. Like the pecan fruit, the shell also has an abundance of nutrients that make it a very good ingredient in organic fertilizers. Some farmers crush pecan shells and mix them with the soil, while others provide or sell their shells to the organic fertilizer manufacturers.

Pecan Shells for Smoking

Some pecan companies and farms also sell pecan shells that you can use for numerous purposes. One of the most common uses of pecan shells is to smoke meat. Using pecan shells for meat smoking gives a burst of natural, mild smoke flavor.

The best way to use pecan shells or hulls for barbecue or grilling is to soak them in water for thirty minutes. Soaking the pecan shells produces steam that brings moisture and heat to the smoking process. This method prolongs the burning time as well. Plus, using pecan shells is environmentally-friendly, unlike burning charcoal.

When you burn pecan shells or hulls, they do not get enough oxygen, so they smolder and produce smoke. So next time you have to barbecue, get some pecan shells to provide an incredible and flavorful smoke to the meat. You can use pecan shells to smoke other than cooking purposes as well.

You can use pecan shells in electric gas, charcoal grills, smoke generator, and smoke boxes.

Want a full supply of pecan shells for your next barbecue? Millican Pecans offers a 20lb box full of pecan shells. Using shells from our high-quality pecans will add a great flavor and a little hint of hickory to your meat, chicken, seafood, pork or whatever it is that you are going to grill.

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