Are pecans high in carbs

Are Pecans High in Carbs?

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Nuts are widely known for their healthy fats, but these delicious nuts which are enjoyed by most Americans during the holidays, be it roasted, candied or their favorite pecan pie are also naturally low in carbs, and they can promote healthy eating.

Are Pecans High in Carbs?

About 1-ounce (28g) serving of carbs delivers over 1g of net carbs. Net carbs (digestible carbs) are the number of carbohydrates in whole minus the fiber content. Since it’s not easy for the body to absorb naturally occurring fiber in whole foods, the fiber is thus subtracted from the total value of carbs in food to get the number of net carbs.

Benefits of Low-carb Pecan Nuts

Adding nuts to your low-carb meal has been shown to have many health benefits, so next time to you want to buy some pecan halves, shelled pecans or even pecan gift baskets, remember that not only are they delicious, but also healthy. Some of the most common health benefits include promoting a healthy heart because it reduces the “bad cholesterol” known as LDL, thus reducing the risk of diseases such as heart disease. Magnesium and vitamin E which are found in pecans also have some anti-inflammatory effects on the body, and they help fight diseases such as arthritis.

Apart from the healthy fats which they are known for, pecans are also rich in plant-based protein, making it a good choice of food for vegans. It is also rich in several minerals and vitamins which boosts the body's immune system. Research has also shown that neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease are greatly reduced when you increase your consumption of pecans.

Does Low-carb Content in Pecans Aid in Weight Loss?

The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for carbs is 180g per day (IOM, 2005). This makes pecans to be a healthy snack or a hefty meal in the low-carb diets. Keto is the most common low-carb diet and the diet forces the body to burn fats into ketones to be used as fuel for the body instead of using carbs, making them lose weight. This means that the fat intake will be high, with moderate protein intake and very low carb consumption, making pecan nuts essential for people on a keto diet. Many research has also shown that nut consumption makes you have a feeling of fullness that makes it easier to eat less, thus aiding in weight loss too.

Is There a Disadvantage of Eating Low-carb Foods?

Well, you may experience some feeling of tiredness when you're mostly on a keto diet which is characterized by consumption of low-carb foods because the body needs some time to enter into ketosis. Some other effects can include feeling dizzy and feeling muscle weakness. For those not on a ketogenic diet, and are working out, consuming fewer carbs can impact negatively your performance during a workout.

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