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Where Can I Buy Pecans? FAQ

Pecan Orchards

 As one of the most consumed nuts in the United States, you can enjoy pecans in several ways. You can munch raw pecans as a healthy and delicious snack or prepare amazing deserts like pecan pies, cookies, brownies and cakes. For a savory dish, add chopped pecans to salads for a burst of flavor and texture. If you want to buy good quality and fresh pecans, here is where you need to look.

Where To Get Pecans From?

Pecans are available at grocery stores, farmer’s markets, and online stores.

Grocery Stores

You can easily get pecans in almost any local grocery store. You are more likely to find pecans in the fall or baking section of the grocery store. If not there, they are sure to be on the shelf with other nuts. Look for plump pecans that have unblemished, light brown shells. If they come in packaging or a jar, they should be uniform in color and size. Consistent color and size is a clear indication of good quality. It helps you distinguish great pecan nuts from different pecan selling companies.

About 80% of packed pecans are available as shelled, as broken nuts, or in halves. The nuts appear clear and light brown, with no staining or shriveling.

Online Companies/ Retailers

If you do not want to buy pecans from a store or farm, you can place an online order as well. There are many online sellers of pecans in the US., but before ordering fresh pecans online from retailers, ensure the brand’s reliability. Check their website thoroughly, find their contact number, and talk to them. Remember to order pecans online from companies with proper certification.

They should have certification for producing good quality and non-GMO pecans. If your dietary requirements have any specifications like vegan, Kosher, or Halal, make sure that the pecan products you are going to buy comply with it.

Farmer’s Market

If you have an interest in buying farm-fresh pecans, plenty of pecan farms or orchards can help you. Most pecan farms are fourth or fifth-generation family businesses that have expanded their services from just harvesting pecans.

You can find pecan farms and a variety of pecan products at such farms. If you want the best quality of in-shell pecans, you must get them from farms. Other than in-shell pecans, you can also get shelled pecans as a whole, in halves, or little pieces that are ideal for baking.

Consumers who have nut allergies tend to buy processed pecans from grocery stores and retailers rather than buying from farms. Millican Pecan sell farm-fresh San Saba Pecans. The nuts from Millican Pecan Farms undergo a detailed process to prevent allergic reactions in people with allergies or intolerance. At the same time, the process does not strip away the nutrients and flavor of the pecan nuts.  Millican Pecan can be found at 199 County Road 100 in San Saba, Texas 76877 or www.MillicanPecan.com .

What Type of Pecan Products Are Available?

Other than pecans, several pecan products are commercially available. If you have a sweet tooth and love pecans, you can have candied pecans, pecan pralines, or a classic pecan pie. Many farms also sell flavored pecans to enjoy pecans in a different way. Millican Pecan offers pecans in many different flavors. They have many flavored pecans to include cinnamon-flavored, sweet and spicy, honey roasted, hot and spicy pecans, and much more.

What Varieties Of Pecans Are Available?

There are over 1000 types of pecan varieties. The most popular types of pecans in the United States are Pawnees, Western Schley , Cheyennes, Wichitas, and Desirable.  The most popular varieties are USDA cultivars named after Native American tribes.  Other common varieties include Elliott, Candy, Kiowa,  Moreland, and Mohawk. The wild and native varieties have a thicker shell, smaller size, and nuttier flavor. Most new varieties have paper-thin shells, higher fat content and a more buttery flavor.

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