Millican Pecan Country Store

Millican Pecan Country Store

The Millicans

No matter how big and trendy supermarkets get, shopping from an old fashioned country store has its own fun. Tired of shopping for groceries in noisy and crowded super markets? Come to Millican Pecan to get fresh pecan products. Millican Pecan has a nice and warm country style environment, where you will love shopping for pecans and your favorite pecan treats. From shelled pecans to pecan pies, we have everything.

Millican Pecan Country Store

If you prefer staying home and have all your stuff delivered at doorstep, then we are at your service. Browse online through the Millican Country Store and get your favorite products. Here are some of the lovely and all-natural pecan products you can get from our Millican Pecan Store.

Creamy Pecan Butter

If you love pecans, then you will also love pecan butter. Pecan butter has a rich taste and is very healthy. Try pecan butter once and you will forget other nut butters for good. It is healthier and tastier than peanut butter. It does not have a lingering smell in your breath unlike peanut butter.

Our pecan butter is creamy rather than oily. There are no sugars or any additives in it so you can enjoy it guilt-free. Spread this creamy pecan butter on crepes or buns for a pecanly amazing breakfast. You can even enjoy a spoonful of pecan butter on its own.

Pecan Jelly

We have two amazing pecan jelly products. One is Jalapeno Pecan Jelly and the other is Strawberry Jalapeno Pecan Jelly. If you have never tried jalapeno jelly, then now is the time to do so. Jalapeno Pecan Jelly has the burst of all the best Texas flavors. Enjoy the zesty tang of jalapeno and nutty pecan flavor every morning in your favorite sandwich. You can also enjoy this great delicacy as a snack. Spread on crackers and pita bread to enjoy a quick snack.

Adding strawberry to jalapeno pecan jelly gives it a great kick. The sweetness and acidity of strawberry complements the flavor of jalapenos and pecan in Strawberry Jalapeno Pecan Jelly.

Pecan Coffee

Coffee and pecan makes an ultimate combination to power your mornings. We have different flavors of pecan coffee. Choose from Texas Pecan Coffee, Butter Pecan Coffee, Chocolate Pecan Coffee, and Caramel Pecan Coffee. Chocolate and caramel flavored pecan coffees are great for making fancy lattes, and cold coffee.

Pecan Oil

Pecan oil is a perfect choice for health conscious people. It is one of the healthiest oils for your heart. We offer pure pecan oil that has no hydrogenated fats.

Pecan Nut Sheller

We are selling the best quality in-shell pecans for over a century. When you get our in-shell pecans, don’t forget to buy our Pecan Nut Sheller. Our easy to use and affordable Pecan Nut Sheller is a must-have if you and your family eat a lot of pecans.

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