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In the corporate world, exchanging gifts serves many purposes. Some use it for promoting their business, while others use the tradition of giving gifts as a mark of appreciation, particularly to employees.

You can find a variety of corporate gifts for your employees at Millican Pecan. We have listed the five best gifts for you.

Texas Pecan Pie - Full 9 Inch Pecan Pie Dessert

It’s a traditional secret family recipe pecan pie. It complements any meal, anywhere. You can share it with family, friends, and others alike. Besides, it’s a perfect fit as a corporate gift for your employees.

It’s a vintage Texan pecan pie with pecans and fresh ingredients. Plus, it’s a renowned feature on Food Network, Southern Living, and Bon Appétit magazines. It's a class apart for your taste buds.

We are sure this will make your employees delighted. Roll it out, nip the edges by hand to get our signature crust fashion. Nothing will beat this for a dessert.

Its tempting filling mixed with orchard-fresh pecan pieces as toppings is smooth and delicious. No one who craves sweets can resist this beauty! 

Seventh Heaven Pecans - Gift Tin

It’s the perfect corporate gift for employees who are chocoholics, as it has our seven best-selling flavored chocolate pecans with a beautiful tin gift packing. It’s another master-class gift that will leave your employees surprised. The gift tin box weighs 2 lbs.

A true Texas artwork! 

This delicious Seventh Heaven has the best-flavored chocolates that any chocolate lover would love to get. These include

Combination 3-Chocolate Caramillicans - Gift Box

It comes in three tins and makes the perfect corporate gift for employees. 

These multi-colored multi-chocolate Caramel Pecan Caramillicans (similar to Turtles) allow trying all three of our favorites at a very great price. You will find a mixture of fancy pecan with caramel (butter-rich touch). Its topping is white, dark, and milk chocolates. 

These 3-chocolate CaraMillicans come in a very attractive gift box; your employees will find it hard to resist taking a bite.

Texas -Cracked- Pecans - Burlap Bag

This is one of our specialties for its custom cracked pecans, famous and favorite among Millican Pecan lovers. The brand uses fresh pecans harvested this season; these are fresh grade-1 Pecans. 

Your employees will have no problem removing the pecan shell from these cracked Texas pecans. After this process, the pecan halves are ready for pecan recipes. Generally, pecans yield a mix of 50% shell and the same quantity of its meat. This ease and accessibility for fresh shelled-pecans make it a great deal. You can buy pecan in bulk as well. 

It has no sugar, salt, and gluten, which makes it the best thoughtful corporate gift for employees who are fitness enthusiasts. It comes in a burlap bag making it more traditional.

Tower of Treats - Gift Tins

This is a unique gift for special friends, close family members, clients, or best employees.

The tower includes 3 decorative gift-tins in one box. 

The bottom tin weighs 2 lbs and contains Chocolate Pecan Sampler, whereas the mid-tin pack is full of delicious Flavored Pecan Sampler. Additionally, the top 8 oz. tin box is a heavenly treat full of milk chocolate Caramillicans.

The Tower of treats is the perfect gift for those who love all forms of pecans and chocolate to make it a treat to remember.


Millican Pecan is one of the best choices when it comes to choosing corporate gifts for employees, clients, business partners, etc. Your employees will appreciate your gesture and love the taste of the best chocolate-coated pecans, Caramillicans, and pies.

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