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Do’s and Don’ts with Your Bulk Pecans

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wholesale pecan bulk usesGrowing trends in dietary habits in the United States has the population striving towards a healthier fare. One offering nourishment, as well as a palate that tantalizes the senses. There is an everyday staple that is adding nutrition and giving every dish it is included in a distinctive crunch that supplies the texture they are looking for. They are adding bulk pecans to their pantry.

Dishes served in restaurants and households are including a rotation of fish, salads, and lean proteins. They are accompanying the plates with fruits and vegetables, fresh or frozen, and superfoods like bulk pecans that can be stored for up to two years in the average home. Serious dieters source their fare from trusted and reliable providers. Proteins are coming from the butcher to ensure consistency. Fruits and vegetables from organic farmers markets for proven quality, and bulk pecans from farmers that have cultivated their orchards to deliver a reliable and tasty nut.

Bulk pecans offer a boost in many ways to the countless recipes they contribute to. They help reduce the risk of heart disease and are a good source of dietary fiber and unsaturated fat. Chefs agree that using pecans from the same harvest are unique to the orchard they come from, and they offer consistent tastes that compliment a plethora of dishes. To make the most from this nut, people are buying bulk pecans a few pounds at a time and storing them for months, even up to two years at a time. Doing this means that buyers should follow the do’s and don’t advice of food safety experts for the correct handling and storage of bulk pecans to ensure optimal flavor every single time, down to the last nut.


Do pay attention to the appearance. The meat from the pecan should be uniform in color and size. A plump nut with a soft brown hue throughout the batch suggests a consistent flavor and is indicative of coming from the same orchard and harvest. Any mold or rotten meat is a sure sign of spoilage and improper handling.

Do be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before handling or prepping bulk pecans for storage. Psychophiles are microorganisms that thrive in cold and freezing temperatures. This means any harmful bacteria you pass to the nut before freezing may not just live through the process, but it could continue to grow. The presence of these bacteria isn’t visible using the primary senses. They are invisible to the naked eye and may be oblivious to taste and smell. Washing your hands is the best defense to killing these bacteria instead of passing them along.

Do dry your hands and work in an area that is void of moisture. Life, even microscopic forms use oxygen and water as a supply to grow with.

Do store your bulk pecan supply in a cool or freezing location. Most nuts in their raw form contain oil. Leaving pecans at room temperature will lead to those oils becoming rancid. Rancid nuts will drag down any dish you add them to and can lead to illness.

Do store your bulk pecans in airtight containers such as plastic zipper seal bags designed for the freezer, or rigid plastic containers that burp out excess air. Glass containers are ideal as well. The vessel of choice should be something that doesn’t hold flavors and smells from one application to the next, such as plastic and glass.

Do feel comfortable thawing out and refreezing your pecans. This is a tough nut and is capable of enduring freezing and thawing and refreezing without losing taste or integrity of the meat if done within the proper allotted time frame.

Do follow the proper time frame for storing bulk pecans. In-shell, or shelled stored in a 40° atmosphere should not exceed a 365-day shelf life. When stored in a freezer, keep them no longer than two years.


Don’t wash pecans. Don’t run water over them or even use a damp towel to clean them. Especially in-shell pecans. The porous shell is a sound device for protecting the meat from nature, but it will hold moisture, and when packed away it will allow the growth of microorganisms that will break down the integrity of the nut.


When people buy bulk pecans, they are investing in their health, and gambling with their family and friends taste buds if they aren’t careful about storing them. The time taken to clean and store pecans will pay off huge in the long run in the way of saving money and in ensuring the health and appetite of the audience enjoying them.

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