What can I Use if I don’t have Corn Syrup

What can I Use if I don’t have Corn Syrup

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Corn syrup is a vital ingredient for many recipes, including the delicious pecan pies we all love, frosting, sweet sauces etc. You can find corn syrup in two types, light and dark colored. To make this special ingredient, one has to extract the sugars from cornstarch.

But what happens when you’re working on an important recipe and discover you’re out of stock on corn syrup? We have some of the next best substitutes for you that would work just as well as corn syrup in a recipe. 

  1. Honey is nearly an equal replacement for corn syrup. Supposing your pecan pie recipe needs a cup of corn syrup, hence when you’re substituting to honey, you use exactly the same amount of honey in the recipe. However, with honey there is no crystallization so it won’t be a good choice for candy or caramel.
  2. Maple Syrup is another great substitute for corn syrup and will work well in all recipes, except for candy making

     . The only difference is the strong, earthy flavor you will find in maple syrup so you might have to alter the quantity when adding it. 

  3. Sugar and water can be your next best choice to corn syrup. For replicating light corn syrup for a recipe, you must substitute it with a cup of granulated sugar and dissolve it in ¼ cup of warm water.  
  4. Agave nectar can come to your rescue when you’re whipping a batch of delectable pecan pies and you’re out of corn syrup. You will find a milder flavor in agave syrup and this works ideally for almost all recipes except for candy making. Stocking up on agave nectar is an excellent idea for pecan pie lovers too. 
  5. If you have southern tastes and are out of corn syrup, an ideal replacement for you would be cane syrup. 




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