How long do pecan pralines last

How Long Do Pecan Pralines Last

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Pecan pralines are a favorite among Southern festive treats. You can munch them as a snack or serve them after dinner or with tea or coffee. While the recipe of pecan pralines has evolved into several treats like pecan praline muffins and cookies, classic pecan pralines are never going away from the holiday season treats. Let us see the easy method to make pecan pralines and find out how long they last.

Pecan pralines are easy to prepare. In the first step, combine granulated sugar, butter, and a liquid (milk or cream.) Heat the mixture and bring it to boil. Keep cooking at low heat until the temperature reaches 24O F. Add pecan nuts and beat the mixture until it thickens. Add spoonfuls of praline mixture onto a lined tray and let them cool down and harden.

How Long do Pecan Pralines Last

Pecan pralines last up to three weeks. So it is better to consume the pecan pralines in the first two to three weeks after you make them. After three weeks, the pralines will not go bad but the sugar will begin to re-crystallize and so they will lose their delicious creaminess and will get a little harder to chew.  Are pecan pralines gluten free?

Best Way to Store and Wrap Pecan Pralines

Freshness is one of the main reasons why everyone enjoys homemade candies and pralines. If not properly stored, homemade pecan pralines will lose their freshness, and there will be no fun eating them.

Once you have made pecan pralines and they have cooled down, store them right away in any jar or container. If you make other pecan candies or pralines, do not store them together with pecan pralines. Different candies and pralines stored in the same container can trade some of their aroma and texture. The hard candies can become soft and the soft and gooey ones can dry.

If you have to gift pecan pralines to a friend or a loved one, there are simple and fun wrapping ideas. You can wrap the pralines individually with cellophane wrappers and ribbons. You can also arrange them in a decorative tin with cupcake liners or wax paper separating the layers. Use a small cookie jar and a sweet short note on the lid to make an effortless gift of pecan pralines.

Can you Freeze Pecan Pralines

Yes, just like most food products, you can freeze pecan pralines and they will taste fine after you thaw them. You can store pecan pralines up to 3 months using an airtight container. When storing the pecan pralines, make sure they do not stick to one another and the container is completely sealed so that they do no frost. Line the bottom of the container with wax papers so that the pralines do not adhere and freeze to the container.

If you are freezing a box full of pecan pralines, then you can line the inner sides of the container with the wax paper too. If you have to stack the layers of pecan pralines, then separate the layers with wax papers or wrap the individual pralines.

How to Store Pecan Pralines

If you enjoy pecan pralines, the chances are that you are going to have a sweet delicious pecan pralines for your next party or holiday dinner. To save time and enjoy with your family, get The Millican pecan pralines. 

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